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Schalicks come from far, wide to attend 1st family reunion
Staff Writer

The Daily Journal, Vineland, NJ
Monday, July 3, 2000 - pg A3

Staff photo/ Charles J. Olson
Arthur P. Schalick Jr., 80, and his sister, Harriet Schalick Sharp, 82, discuss their family history during Saturday's reunion at the Ramada Inn in Vineland.

VINELAND -- Arthur P. Schalick Jr. didnít seem confused Saturday as 77 members of his family enjoyed dinner at the Ramada Inn here.

Schalick Jr, 80, looked out over the sea of people and saw Schalicks, Moores and several other family names.

They all descended from Schalickís great-grandparents, George and Mary Schalick, and all gathered in Vineland for the first Shalick [sic] family reunion.

"I just decided it was time for all of us to get together before the older ones were gone," said Schalick Jr., a city accountant. "Itís amazing. Theyíre all related to the first two people."

The first George Schalk - thatís the original European spelling - came to Cumberland County in the 1850s. He had four children with his wife, Mary.

They named two of their children George and Mary.

Mary married Daniel Moore, thereby beginning the Moore side of the family. George was father to Arthur Schalick Sr, the namesake of Pittsgroveís high school.

"Iím very confused right now," said Cathy Moore of Laurel Springs.

Moore, whose maiden name is Kubiak, married a fifth-generation Schalick.

Schalick Jr. and his two siblings, all fourth-generation, are the oldest living members of the family.

Erin Schalick, born last October, is a member of the seventh and newest generation.

"Iím thankful Iím here," said Harriet Schalick Sharp, Shalick [sic] Jr's 82-year-old sister. Sharp came from Santa Monica, Calif., with eight other family members.

The reunion also included a Sunday morning service at First United Methodist Church, Vineland. The whole thing began when Schalick Jr. intercepted an e-mail about his California relatives coming to visit.

"He said, ĎNo, how about a reunion?" said Malcolm Sharp, Harrietís son. "And here we are."

Malcolm, 50, of Los Angeles, created the six-foot long family tree on display Saturday. He also created the family Web site, The lineage contains a former N.J. Superior Court judge, at least one radio personality and dozens of successful businessmen.

Across the room, Emily Schalick of Mesa, Ariz., sat along the wall of the Regency Ballroom and watched her family mingle.

"I donít know anybody, really," said Emily, 15. Her sister Sharon, 7, looked just as confused.

"Thatís my father," added Emily, happy to see a familiar face "I know him."